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Brighthouse Labs Applications

Brighthouse Labs develops and markets mobile applications for the iPhone, iTouch, Palm Pixie and Palm Pre. As people continue to use their mobile devices for greater and more complex uses, we believe that the need to create useful apps will only continue to grow in importance.

We have a large, diverse array of applications, many of which have been developed with a very niche market in mind. All our applications offer a high level of value and convenience for our users. Many perform very specific and localized services, which might often be considered too small to warrant an app.

Our applications currently sell on the Apple App Store and the Palm App Catalogue. In both markets we are amongst the largest developers and our apps satisfy a wide range of needs and wants. These apps are well received, frequently making the App Store's top ten and staff favourite lists.

Please check out our apps on the Apple App Store and the Palm App Catalogue. If you have any feedback for us, or would like to suggest a new application for us to develop, please contact us at